Save the frustration yourself and read tweets from people who have tried rice to dry their wet phone.

  • Update: put my phone in rice to save it. now it needs to be charged but there's a grain of rice stuck inside. i'm brilliant
  • Putting your wet phone in rice is a helpful hack for making toilet-water infused rice.
  • The rice trick for broken phones doesn't work and never will sorry to kill your dreams
  • Has putting a phone in rice ever actually worked for anybody? Bc I think that's all just a conspiracy theory to keep people buying rice
  • I put my phone in rice because I didn't want to get water damage but now I have a piece of rice stuck in my headphone jack help
  • put my phone in rice to see if that would fix my phone.. got rice jammed in my charger hole. can't charge my phone. ask me how done I am
  • your gorgeous wife dropped her phone in the bath, the rice trick hasn't worked ... she'll need some TLC when you get home!
  • I rl hate when people say stick your phone in rice
  • dropped my phone in rice, guess I'll have to soak it in water for 24-36 hours
  • my bf forgot he had his phone in his pocket, washed his damn pants and put his phone in rice thinking it would work
  •  I have my phone in rice and it's still not working
  • Soo.. to whoever said putting a wet phone in a bowl of rice works.. fuck you
  • My phone has water damage. I tried the rice trick and it still has no sound. Guess I gotta go to Verizon in the morning.
  • Thought the rice trick would work tbh
  • Someone Spilled Water On My Phone And Now It's Water Damaged And Has Rice Stuck In It
  • putting ur phone in rice to prevent water damage is a LIE just take it to a repair store ok rip 2 my phone u were so good to me
  • Putting your phone in rice doesn't help don't believe the rumors
  • When did we decide sticking a phone in rice would fix water damage bc I've never seen that be even remotely successful
  • I've decided that this whole putting your phone in rice thing is a myth to make people look stupid and waste their rice.
  • Phone fell in the toilet and now it looks like little water drops under my screen
  • Phone got water damaged I put it in rice and now a rice is stuck inside the charging port. fuck everybody
  • Dropped phone in sink and sound stopped workin. Put phone in rice & it got stuck in charging dock. Whys my life a series of unfortunate events

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