Every year, 22 MILLION people in the U.S. get their cell phones wet. Every year these people
try and dry out their wet phones or devices with rice and are sadly disappointed.
Why? Because rice doesn’t work.

Whether the culprit is a toilet, bathtub, swimming pool,
washing machine, or even a beverage, TekDry can help.

TekDry is the fastest and safest wet phone recovery technology available. Our patented solution will
restore your water-damaged phone or device in just 30 minutes with your data restored.
Our patented technology uses a combination of low-pressure, controlled heat and proprietary beads
to create a safe environment to remove 100% of the moisture from your wet device.

Avoid the hassle of having to reload all your passwords and apps, the drama of having to
reinput all your calendars and scheduling, and the heartbreak of losing all your precious
contacts, photos, and memories forever.

A wet phone is a big ol’ drag. But it can be a lot less traumatic if you know the right things to do
after the fact. Learn first hand why rice doesn’t work. And, learn first hand how conveniently,
easily, and quickly TekDry can recover your phone or device…almost like the mishap
never happened! And, don’t forget, if it doesn’t work, you pay nothing.