More than Tekdry

TekDry has a great success rate repairing water damaged devices and is a no risk option. Our process is non-invasive and doesn’t void the manufacturer’s warranty. If it doesn’t work, you don’t pay a dime! Find the nearest location.

TekDry’s success rate is 78% when these do’s and don’ts are followed. But even when they are not, many devices are still saved!

But sometimes, repair beyond TekDry is necessary.

How do you find a reputable repair shop and what should you keep in mind?

Phone and computer repair is a lot like auto repair. When you need it you need it! A good repair tech, someone with the power to retrieve your data, bring your device back to life and talk you off the ledge, is a real hero!

Like auto repair, there are good and bad actors out there. Access to your damaged device, phone or computer, is access to your privacy and your data. Take the time to do a little research and find the right partner.

Check reviews like Google, the BBB and Facebook. Keep in mind, any business that has been around for a while is bound to have a few negative reviews, but look for an overall solid rating and good customer comments. While corporate stores like Verizon or AT&T typically do not do extensive repairs in house, they often know who in town is good and can point you in the right direction.

A reputable shop and good technician should be able to diagnose major issues with the initial assessment and provide solid upfront pricing. Again, like your auto, get an upfront estimate and expect clear communication. And finally, if you find a good shop and have a good experience, give them a positive review. Not only will they appreciate it, you can help that next person searching for answers.