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Drop your phone in water? Denver men invent machine to salvage your device

Local invention gets attention on Shark Tank

DENVER — It’s something many of us have done, yet hate to admit. But millions of people drop their mobile devices into water, including the toilet.

Now, two engineers who are also graduates of the University of Denver’s business school have come up with an invention to repair damaged phones.

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Denver Tech Startup TekDry to Appear on ABC’s Shark Tank Friday, October 7th

Technology to resurrect wet phones and recover data pitched to the Sharks

DENVER (September 26, 2016) – Entrepreneurs Adam Cookson and Craig Beinecke, co-founders of TekDry, a Denver-based venture that provides a solution for wet phones, will pitch their technology on Shark Tank. This episode airs FRIDAY, OCTOBER 7 (9:00-10:01 p.m. EDT), on the ABC Television Network.

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See what customers have to say about TekDry’s device-recovery services.

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A bathtub full of Apple gadgets

Girlfriend gets back at cheating boyfriend by drowning all of his electronics in a bathtub.

After finding out her Apple-loving boyfriend was cheating on her, this young woman scorned took all of his electronic devices and threw them in a bathtub…and we mean all of them. After her boyfriend took to Twitter to showcase the damage, her story of revenge went viral. If the boyfriend in question knew about our service he would have had be a much quicker (and cheaper) fix to his dilemma. We don’t condone cheating or revenge but we do hope to make the dreaded water-damaged device scenario a lot less scary for everyone it happens to, whether it be a phone slipping into the toilet or a bathtub full of gadgets.

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Toddlers, smartphones, and toilets

Has your toddler ever gotten your smartphone or tablet wet? Toddlers, smartphones, and toilets no longer have to be the most terrifying combination that exists.

The rice trick didn’t work for Kanye West when 19-month-old daughter flushed his phone down the toilet recently, so don’t trust it with your wet device!
But, celebrity parents aren’t the only ones that have to deal with phones going down the toilet. Along with people who keep their phones in their back pockets, new parents are among those most likely to have a wet phone. The number of accessible electronics in a family household is growing and toddlers are more tech-savvier than we think, putting devices at a higher risk of getting wet.

TekDry saves wet Samsung S6

While taking a video of swimming ducks this woman’s new Samsung takes a dunk in the lake. She was able to take her wet phone to Batteries Plus Bulbs in New Hampshire where the phone was dried and perfectly restored in only 30 minutes using TekDry.

“Thank you again for fixing my phone. It is amazing that you were able to save it! It works just as well today as it had before it went into the lake.” – Jen



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