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Drop your phone in water? Denver men invent machine to salvage your device

Local invention gets attention on Shark Tank

DENVER — It’s something many of us have done, yet hate to admit. But millions of people drop their mobile devices into water, including the toilet.

Now, two engineers who are also graduates of the University of Denver’s business school have come up with an invention to repair damaged phones.

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Denver Tech Startup TekDry to Appear on ABC’s Shark Tank Friday, October 7th

Technology to resurrect wet phones and recover data pitched to the Sharks

DENVER (September 26, 2016) – Entrepreneurs Adam Cookson and Craig Beinecke, co-founders of TekDry, a Denver-based venture that provides a solution for wet phones, will pitch their technology on Shark Tank. This episode airs FRIDAY, OCTOBER 7 (9:00-10:01 p.m. EDT), on the ABC Television Network.

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Moment of Truth

Denver’s TekDry Saving Cell Phones



Thank you Jason Luna for spreading the word. Even after two swimming sessions, we're so glad we could save your iPhone 6s and data!

"So after hiking after waterfalls yesterday and swimming around, I noticed a phone under the water an then came to realize it was mine. It must of been submerged for about 10 min in about 3 feet of water.

Later on in the day as I was drying it in the sun on a rock trying to save it but not let my phone ruin my day it fell in again for a brief few seconds. There was obvious water damage to my iPhone 6S. I put it in rice overnight which I found out is a myth an does not work.

So I researched around on the net and remembered that I saw a company was featured on the tv show Shark Tank and found it then saw that they carry this machine at Staples. Took it in around 1:30 pm today and picked it up at 2:45 pm and with it not powering on after it did it run through it worked and going through a full battery of testing to all features the phone checked out to be 100% working and holding a charge with no damage to the internals.

Keep these guys in mind if you have a similar situation involving water damage to any electronic device and save your self half a grand on a new phone."
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Our CEO Adam Cookson was in the studio with Erik Mitisek & Project X-ITE speaking about entrepreneurship and what it takes.

"Having an idea that solves a real problem gives you purpose."

#XITESessions #UofDenver
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TekDry Customer Testimonial by Colby — Staples 1348, Colorado Springs

"We just saved a customer's phone from disaster! She was giving her child a bath and her phone fell into the water. She didn't notice until after she was done with the bath, so it was submerged for quite some time. She was joyful to see it was saved because it had all of her family photos and pictures of her baby. She was very happy with the service."

Don't forget, next time you have a wet phone take it to the nearest TekDry machine. If it doesn't work, you don't pay.

Check our website for locations:
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Keep up with our friend DrippyTheDog on #Instagram for tips on how to maximize the chances of a successful #wetphonerescue, contests, and discount codes!
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There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding water resistant (not waterproof) phones.

#Didyouknow Apple’s #warranty on the #iPhone7 does not cover #waterdamage. #iPhone 7 fine print states: “Splash, water, and dust resistance are not permanent conditions and resistance might decrease as a result of normal wear.” and “Do not attempt to plug in a wet iPhone."

Next time you have a #wetphone, don't call insurance: find the nearest Staples store with a TekDry machine, we can revive your phone in 30 minutes — or it's free.

Find a location near you here:

If there's not a location near you, you can always use our mail-in service!
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Super Bowl causes Rise in Smartphone Damage

Apparently, fumbles aren’t limited to the football field on Super Sunday. Demand for services to repair wet or damaged cell phones spikes significantly following the Super Bowl. In fact, here at TekDry we saw a 166% spike in sales on the day following the game!
This year, with our expansion blitz following Shark Tank, TekDry service is now available in close to 600 Staples stores nationwide and it is even easier for consumers to rush in to score an affordable way to repair their wet phone and recover their data.
Every year, 22 MILLION people in the U.S. experience water damage with their cell phones. These types of personal fouls include dropped passes into the toilet, bad handoffs causing beer related spills or even a Gatorade dunk if you are on the sidelines of the winning team.
Repairing your phone is no longer a Hail Mary. TekDry offers risk-free pricing so you only pay when it works. Recoveries of smartphones cost $69.99.
TekDry recommends avoiding a delay of game penalty by getting your wet phone to a Staples store as soon as possible. TekDry uses a combination of negative-pressure, controlled heat, and proprietary beads to create a safe environment to remove 100 percent of the moisture from wet devices. In as little as 30 minutes – and without a single grain of rice – the TekDry process will dry out any phone or device and return it with all data, contact, photos, apps, restored safely, conveniently, and affordably.
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A bathtub full of Apple gadgets

Girlfriend gets back at cheating boyfriend by drowning all of his electronics in a bathtub.

After finding out her Apple-loving boyfriend was cheating on her, this young woman scorned took all of his electronic devices and threw them in a bathtub…and we mean all of them. After her boyfriend took to Twitter to showcase the damage, her story of revenge went viral. If the boyfriend in question knew about our service he would have had be a much quicker (and cheaper) fix to his dilemma. We don’t condone cheating or revenge but we do hope to make the dreaded water-damaged device scenario a lot less scary for everyone it happens to, whether it be a phone slipping into the toilet or a bathtub full of gadgets.

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How to save a phone that fell in the toilet

A wet phone is never funny but it can be a lot less terrifying if you know the right things to do after the fact.

Whether it falls out of your back pocket or slips out of your hand, we’ve all been there. Hopefully this exact scenario has never happened to you but it’s likely that at least someone you know has dropped their phone in the toilet. Data shows this to be the most common way that phones get wet.

Toddlers, smartphones, and toilets

Has your toddler ever gotten your smartphone or tablet wet? Toddlers, smartphones, and toilets no longer have to be the most terrifying combination that exists.

The rice trick didn’t work for Kanye West when 19-month-old daughter flushed his phone down the toilet recently, so don’t trust it with your wet device!
But, celebrity parents aren’t the only ones that have to deal with phones going down the toilet. Along with people who keep their phones in their back pockets, new parents are among those most likely to have a wet phone. The number of accessible electronics in a family household is growing and toddlers are more tech-savvier than we think, putting devices at a higher risk of getting wet.

Even professional athletes use their phones on the toilet

Red Socks player Pablo Sandoval made headlines not for his performance, but rather for using his phone on the toilet during a game.

At least his phone didn’t fall in! Besides embarrassment, his punishment is a one game suspension after admitting to social media usage while going to the bathroom during a game.


TekDry saves wet Samsung S6

While taking a video of swimming ducks this woman’s new Samsung takes a dunk in the lake. She was able to take her wet phone to Batteries Plus Bulbs in New Hampshire where the phone was dried and perfectly restored in only 20 minutes using TekDry.

“Thank you again for fixing my phone. It is amazing that you were able to save it! It works just as well today as it had before it went into the lake.” – Jen


Saving the world from wet phones…one happy customer at a time.